Emma Fryer, partner at ERM and a specialist in data centre sustainability and resilience, in association with Kao Data and Cambridge CleanTech, invites you to a roundtable discussion on ‘The inflection points for sustainable business data operations’.   

High Performance Computing (HPC), AI and cloud computing process enormous amounts of data, adding to the growing pressure on energy consumption. The challenge for data-driven businesses is to identify and calculate their carbon emissions and find solutions that deliver the resilient infrastructure, connectivity and power to compute, now and over the longer term. 

Emma Fryer of ERM, the largest global pure play sustainability consultancy, will moderate a fact-finding discussion that will engage a small number of the leading industry experts across academia, and life sciences, biotech and AI platform companies.  

The roundtable will explore how different size companies – from startup through SME and large corporates – across a range of data-intensive sectors approach their growing need for sustainable digital infrastructure and delve into how they identify and calculate their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. By sharing best practices, we look to help others understand how to solve digital infrastructure challenges sustainably and get to grips with key inflection points in their operations. We will also consider how external drivers such as shareholders, supply chain dynamics and public perception drive sustainability improvements.  

The discussion at the roundtable will be written up as a thought leadership article and submitted for inclusion in the relevant media and membership bodies. 

If you are interested in joining this invite-only event please contact emma.stewart@cofinitive.com.