What does the future of work look like? How do younger workers feel about new technologies? Does AI herald a new era of productivity and the end of repetitive work?

At this roundtable event, hosted by the Cambridge Ahead Young Advisory Committee, we will bring together young professionals, senior leaders, and tech experts to discuss these questions. This discussion will be supported by the results of a brand-new survey of young professionals working in Cambridge, exploring their views on AI in the workplace.

In recent years, we have seen a dramatic shift in working practices for many people, providing new perspectives on how and where we work. Over the last three years, the Cambridge Ahead Young Advisory Committee has monitored the working practices and opinions of professionals under 35 years old through a series of surveys, producing unique insights on the experiences and views of younger people.

We are now looking towards a future of work which remains permanently changed for many, and the rise of new technologies which have the potential to alter our working lives further. Our latest survey focuses on these new technologies, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There are limited spaces for this event. If you would like to attend, please contact alex@cambridgeahead.co.uk