Dr. Vishal Gulati is a specialist venture capital investor backing scientists and tech founders bring their innovations to market. Vishal’s investment thesis is based around the convergence of healthcare, data and engineering.

In his venture capital career, Vishal has held roles at leading firms such as Atlas Venture, Oxford Science Enterprises and Molten Ventures, whilst making independent private investments in ground breaking healthtech companies.

Vishal has served on the boards of over fifteen public and private health and life sciences companies; from Horizon Discovery to the world’s most scalable DNA synthesis platform (Evonetix). His portfolio of over 30 VC and angel investments makes him one of the most active investors in this space.

Vishal chairs the investment committee of Cancer Research UK seed fund, and holds similar roles at The Francis Crick Institute, (KQ Labs), British Heart Foundation, Medical Research Council, and Innovate UK. Vishal also serves on the advisory board of Reuben College.