James Whatley is chief strategy officer for gaming-native creative agency, Diva. With over 15 years of marcomms experience working on integrated brand campaigns for clients such as Mondelez, Converse, Heineken, Expedia and Honda F1 Racing, James has been working at and writing about the forefront of digital trends for the best part of a decade. At Diva, James puts these skills to use to help the world’s biggest and best games publishers, developers, platforms, and entertainment brands speak to millions of gamers all over the world. James is also the co-creator of the DICE Charter initiative – a scored set of regulatory guidelines to ensure diversity and inclusion at conferences and events. In his spare time, James writes an infrequent internet-culture newsletter called Five things on Friday, plays far too much PlayStation, and spends his weekends building huge Minecraft worlds with his two children. And yes, he is tired.