Jamie’s career started as a chip designer for what was one of the leading companies in the field – Plessey Research (Caswell) Limited. The rise in “home computers” led to a move to Acorn Computers to work on the Acorn RISC Machine chipset. Acorn changed strategic direction and the design team spun out as Advanced RISC Machines Ltd (later renamed ARM Ltd) where he moved to Sales. After leading the sales organisation, he moved to the role of Chief Operating Officer when the company floated on the LSE and NASDAQ. Later he moved to Chief Strategy Officer before retiring from ARM in 2002. He started Angel Investing but then joined Pond Venture Partners Ltd as a Venture Partner to help raise and invest their third fund. Retired again, Jamie spends his time advising and mentoring start-ups. Jamie is a Fellow of the IET and an Honorary Fellow (Entrepreneurship) of the Judge Business School.