Dr Jana Voigt is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InferSens, a deep learning sensor technology company.  Entrepreneur and co-founder Dr Voigt moved into the CEO role in February 2023 from her previous position as Chief Operating Officer. As CEO, she will lead the team to the next exciting phase of the company’s growth, focusing on launching its first product – a non-invasive flow and temperature sensor to monitor Legionella risk – raising capital and further expanding the team. 

Dr Voigt has worked extensively with early-stage companies and entrepreneurial academics in accelerating the commercialisation of their innovative products.  Before co-founding InferSens, she spent 15 years working at senior levels in R&D, strategy development and programme delivery in the life sciences sector, as part of which she has managed over £100m of funding.  Dr Voigt’s multi-faceted career includes roles at the Medical Research Council, Alzheimer’s Research UK, IMS Consulting, CAM Innovations, and an R&D grant consultancy.