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The Innovation Alley Awards offer an exciting opportunity for start-up exhibitors and applicants to showcase their innovation, impact and intentions to a panel of independent judges. 

There will be two award categories: Start-up and a ‘People’s Choice’ award for exhibitors selected by exhibition attendees on the day. 

Please note that any start-ups interested in taking part in the Innovation Alley Awards but not exhibiting can apply to enter the awards for free, however you will need to purchase a ticket to be eligible. Please also note that if you are not exhibiting, you will only be eligible for the ‘Start-up of the Year’ award and not the People’s Choice award.

Start-ups will be assessed based on the following criteria: 

  • Originality of the innovation 
  • Potential commercial, economic or societal impact 
  • Maturity of go-to-market plans or customer engagement 

The winners and two runners up will be announced during the drink’s reception at the Innovation Alley event, and will be featured on the Cambridge Tech Week website, PR and social media. In addition, the winners will receive a free clinic with Appleyard Lees.

Application Process

Start-up of the Year

This award is for innovative start-ups who can demonstrate real commercial, economic or societal impact. A tech company that can demonstrate a mature go-to-market plan or large-scale successful customer engagement.

Applicants will be scored based on:

  • Demonstration of originality of innovation (i.e. world-first, sector-first, significant technical advancement)
  • Proof of real-world impact (i.e. X% sector growth projected, solving X societal problem, X% of jobs generated for the UK, X% revenue projected)
  • Demonstration of a robust go-to-market plan and/or customer pipeline