Cambridge Tech Week Core programme at Hinxton Hall (9th and 10th May) has been confirmed with a track in the agenda dedicated to Future Technologies, with an emphasis on developments from the Cambridge Tech ecosystem.

The track is sponsored by Cambridge Enterprise which is responsible for developing and translating University of Cambridge research to create global economic and social impact and is an important link between the University and the greater Cambridge innovation ecosystem. Cambridge Enterprise protects, develops, and manages the intellectual property portfolio for the University, aids venture building for and invests in university spin-out companies and provides support for academic consultancy services.

Caroline Hyde, Head of Ecosystem Initiatives & Partnerships, Cambridge Enterprise, and member of the CTW23 Steering Committee commented “we see Cambridge Tech Week and the Future Technologies track as an opportunity to showcase the potential for Cambridge Tech to develop businesses of the future and contribute to the development of technology in key areas”.

The Future Technologies track will consist of quickfire sessions uncovering research and very early-stage ventures working at the bleeding edge. Joining this session are speakers with vast amounts of knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise.

Tuesday 9th May:

— Fenella Boyle, CEO and Co-founder, Versed AI: Fenella will be sharing their work around next generation supply chain analytics.

— Dr Belinda Clarke, Director, Agri-TechE: Belinda will be discussing emerging Agri-Tech, and the confluence of technologies.

— Dr Harry Cronin, Lead Invention Engineer, Iprova: Harry will talk about using [generative] AI to augment the human ability to invent.

— Jana Voight, CEO, Infersens: Jana will be sharing their low-cost, battery-powered sensor for water system monitoring.

Wednesday 10th May:

— Abiel Ma, CEO & Co-founder, Vuala: Abiel asks, “what if we could fight against climate change by rethinking food waste management?”

— Umaima Ahmad, Co-Founder & CEO, 52 North Health: Umaima will outline how they can help people live better lives.

— Dr Daniel Summerbell, Co-Founder & Chief Solutions Officer, Carbon Re: Daniel will discuss AI solutions to decarbonize cement and steel.

— Aleksandra Pedraszewska, Co-Founder & COO, VividQ: Aleksandra will share how they are developing Holographic display technology for AR gaming.
Coco Newton, Research Fellow, UCL & Co-founder, Fathom Cognition: Coco will talk about the critical work of Diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease with virtual reality.

— Jim Ajioka, Chief Scientific Officer, Colorfix: How Colorfix will introduce a revolutionary dyeing process to help the textile industry reduce its environmental impact.

— Botty Dimanov, CEO and Co-founder, Tenyks: Botty will share how they are ‘protecting the World from The Terminator.’

— Hermione Crease, CEO, Purrmetrix: Hermione will explore the easiest way to measure, understand and share data on buildings.