As a serial entrepreneur from the dot-com era now covering life-science and tech, Prashant co-founded a drug discovery company that was acquired by a major public company. He is an active ecosystem, community and culture builder and interests include seed investing (a portfolio of almost 50 companies), services and product/IP development.

Prashant has experience of funding, designing and building companies, teams and lab/office infra across the spheres of the east and west. He holds various board positions including the Eastern Powerhouse, UKSPA, Techbio/Biotech NED and chair positions including Form the Future.

He began his career with the strategy group of Accenture in London working across various industry groups. Prashant is an author and has a BEng, an MSc, in which he worked on the robotics of Human Genome Program at the Sanger Centre, and an MPhil in Management from the Judge Institute, Cambridge University.