Zygmunt is the Principal Architect for Telecom in IBM. He led the
creation of the GSMA Post Quantum Telco Network Task Force
and was the Editor of “Post Quantum Telco Network Impact
Assessment” Whitepaper (Feb 2023). He works with leading
telco clients in US and Europe on Quantum Computing and
Post-Quantum Cryptography programs.

He is also responsible for IBM’s Telco Network Cloud (NFV),
Network Edge and 5G security solutions. He co-lead the design
of the first telco edge platform in the world, and co-lead
delivery of one of the first telco clouds in Europe. He was a
contributor to the ETSI NFV Security and Linux Foundation
ONAP Security work groups; he has advised western
governments on the security aspects of 5G.

Zygmunt has filed over 30 patents, and lives outside Cambridge.