Stan Boland was a co-founder and CEO of Five AI Inc., a major European venture-backed automated driving software business founded in 2015. During its first four years, Five assembled a team of scientists and engineers to develop a highly automated online driving system (ADS) for urban driving and demonstrated its performance to members of the public on a 20km slice of London’s complex streets. That experience led to a pivot to build an integrated, cloud-based development ecosystem for testing of automated driving systems in principled low-fidelity simulation, leading to its acquisition by Bosch in 2022.
That was the third major exit for Stan, he was previously co-founder and CEO of two of Europe’s most successful semiconductor startups, Element 14 Inc. and Icera Semiconductor Inc., bought by Broadcom and NVIDIA respectively, for an aggregate value of over $1.1 billion. Prior to founding startups, he was CEO of Acorn, a pioneer computer and technology firm and a Board member of its one-time associate, ARM. He is a graduate in physics from the University of Cambridge.