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To hear Yuval speak join us for Scale-Up Day at the Cambridge Union on Thurs 12 Sept

Yuval is a Senior Tech Executive and Advisor who creates meaningful impact within large multinationals and hyper growth startups. As an engineer, MBA and Neuroscientist, Yuval is a strong operator that effectively manages the technological, commercial and human challenges organizations face.

An expert in SaaS commerce, Yuval developed Google’s largest API partner ecosystem – currently serving as the main platform for its Generative AI productivity solutions. Prior to Google, Yuval spearheaded the successful business transformation at Microsoft – leading to a decade of growth at the enterprise.

Prior to that, Yuval worked at Skype during its hyper growth stages, reaching a peak of connected users and becoming the de-facto video conferencing platform globally (materializing the strategy of “from the boardroom to the living room”)

While at Alphabet, Yuval constructed the first commercial deals for SandboxAQ – Google’s Quantum and AI enterprise Software company, while still under Google X – the moonshot factory. He later helped spinoff the company into its own entity and raise the first investment round. The initial deals have led to the development of new divisions at SandboxAQ such as AQBioSim – Molecular simulation for Pharma, and AQtive Guard – unified cryptography management for telcos, financial institutions and other enterprises.

Yuval continues to lead his global group at Google, now responsible for over 50% of all Google Workspace customers globally. He has opened Google’s first partnership with OEMs, breaking decades old monopoly by Microsoft, as well as creating Google’s first ever instore physical solutions – proving that innovation can continue even in larger organizations.